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Look out for our upcoming events - opportunities to hear writers talk about their work, buy signed copies, and meet fellow readers. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find details of ticketed events we have coming up!


BOOKS&BEATS - Christmas shopping special! - 6-10pm, Friday 8 December

Our popular evening of book shopping, drinks and live dj is back for an extended CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Join us from 6pm on Friday 8 December to catch some beats, enjoy some drinks, and get in some fantastic, festive book shopping. We'll be open - and the decks will keep spinning - through to 10pm. Don't miss it!


BOOK CLUB - monthly on Wednesdays; get in touch to book your space

Each month we run a book club, bringing authors, writers, and translators along to join the discussion as often as possible. To buy book club books and secure your place, please pop into the shop or email us on 

DECEMBER: Madrid Will Be Their Tomb by Elizabeth Duval, translated by Alice Banks

Wednesday 6 December, 6.30pm

We'll be joined by translator Alice Banks, who will be talking about her translation of Elizabeth Duval's novel, Madrid Will Be Their Tomb with literary translator, Ruth Clarke.

Two occupied buildings: one the former headquarters of the NO-DO (a Francoist propaganda outlet) that has been taken over by a small group of fascists, the other the ruins of some abandoned film studios that have been converted into the barracks of a Marxist-Leninist cell. Drifting between these two spaces are Santiago and Ramiro; two characters who, although finding solace in two polarised political groups, cross paths and change each other's lives. Discursive and devastating, Duval's first novel is imbued with the same traits as the era she portrays.

A sad, passionate, and all too real portrait of an ever more divided world, Duval's story, in her powerful, shocking, yet considered prose, reminds us of the uncomfortable, but somewhat comforting similarities we may find with the "enemy".

JANUARY: Fifteen Wild Decembers by Karen Powell

Wednesday 17 January, 6.30pm

We'll be joined by author Karen Powell, who will be talking about her latest novel, Fifteen Wild Decembers - a fictionalisation of the life of Emily Bronte.

Isolated from society, Emily Bronte and her siblings spend their days inventing elaborate fictional realms or roaming the wild moors above their family home in Yorkshire. When the time comes for them to venture out into the world to earn a living, each of them struggles to adapt, but for Emily the change is catastrophic. Torn from the landscape to which she has become so passionately bound, she is simply unable to function.

To the outside world, Emily Bronte appears taciturn and unexceptional, but beneath the surface her mind is in a creative ferment. A violent phenomenon is about to burst forth that will fuse her imaginary world with the landscape of her beloved Yorkshire and change the literary world forever.

Call into the shop or send us a message to sign-up! Books for December and January book clubs will be available to buy from November's book club onwards...


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